About Us

The ECS Montreal Student Chapter was founded in September 2010. The goal of the chapter is to promote of discussion and collaboration between electrochemistry and solid state science students in Montreal and the surrounding areas. The annual ECS Montreal Student Symposium is the major event each year, and over the past five symposia, we have attracted over 300 students, professors, researchers, and industrial scientists.

We are always looking for active members,that want to participate in these events and get closer contact to their peers from all Montreal universities. If you are interested, write us an email at ecs.mtl.student.chapter@gmail.com.

Current Committee Members

PresidentSamantha Gateman

Vice-Chair: William Odette

Secretary: Lisa Stephens

Treasurer: Danny Chhin  and  Laurence Savignac

Communications: Siba Moussa

Faculty AdvisorProf. Steen B. Schougaard

Founding members

Back (left to right): Sabine Kuss, Christian Kuss, Jason Vachon
Front (left to right): David Lepage, Fatima Sobh, Ngoc Duc Trinh